On September 19, 2010, The Harding Land Trust celebrated twenty years of land conservation. Founding members of the Harding Land Trust, as well as former trustees and generous land owners were honored for their hard work and accomplishments. The event was held at the home of Richard and Cathy Herbst of Harding Township on a beautiful Sunday evening.

Jay Kemmerer, the original founding member of the Harding Land Trust, spoke about the conception of the Harding Land Trust in the wake of the donation of 56 acres of land to the Township by the Margetts family. In late 1989, while driving past the scenic field, Jay Kemmerer decided there should be a local land trust to preserve and steward more properties like it. Kemmerer wanted his children to enjoy the same beauty and open spaces he had loved for so many years. Having no experience forming a land trust, Kemmerer picked up a land trust book, the first of its kind, published in 1990, and got to work.

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Now, twenty years later, the Harding Land Trust has over 300 acres of open space and environmentally sensitive land acquired by working with its neighbors, the township and its conservation partners. The original mission statement of the Harding Land Trust, which sought to protect the entry ways into our community, protect large open space parcels, acquire easements for bridle trails and wetlands and to protect stream corridors and trout production streams, has changed very little. By preserving open space, the HLT seeks to protect the character of Harding’s countryside and ensure integrity of its water sources.

In attendance at the celebration were fellow land conservation enthusiasts, The Hons. Peter and Rodney Frelinghuysen; Harding Township Committee Members, Marshall Bartlett and Nic Platt; founding officers, Sally Dudley, W. Thomas Margetts and Jay Kemmerer. Former and present trustees were all honored, as well as many land donors. Tom MacCowatt, past President and Tina Bologna, Executive Director, both spoke to the honorees and thanked them for their generous time and support.