TAKE NOTICE that Harding Land Trust has filed a request with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s (“NJDEP’s”) Green Acres Program, proposing to transfer its fourteen percent (14%) interest in the Glen Alpin Estate (Block 34, Lot 1 in Harding Township) to the Township of Harding. The Glen Alpin Estate is located at 685 Mount Kemble Avenue in Harding Township, consists of 9.58 acres and is subject to Green Acres restrictions. The Green Acres restrictions will remain in place on the parkland not proposed for disposal.

Pursuant to N.J.A.C. 7:36-25.5(a)3, a public hearing to provide information on this request and to obtain public comment will be held virtually via video conference, by phone, and with limited in-person attendance pursuant to N.J.A.C. 5:39-1 (effective on September 23, 2020) on:

January 28, 2021 at 7:30 pm.

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By Computer:

By Phone:

1 (646) 749-3122 / Access Code: 281-308-229


Kirby Municipal Building

21 Blue Mill Road New Vernon, NJ

If you would like to participate in the meeting in-person, preregistration is required by contacting the Municipal Clerk by email at or by phone at (973) 267-8000, extension 1968. In the event of a snowstorm, an announcement will be made prior to the hearing on Harding Township’s website at under the Quick Links tab entitled “Glen Alpin Disposal/Diversion Application – Green Acres”. If the hearing is postponed due to a snowstorm, the snow date for the hearing will be February 4, 2021. In the event of a snowstorm, the public may attend the February 4, 2021 meeting: (1) by computer at; (2) by phone at 1 (872) 240-3212 / Access Code: 708-223-221; or (3) in-person at the Kirby Municipal Building.

The documents related to this request are available for in-person review at the Kirby Municipal Building and the Kemmerer Public Library, or by contacting the Green Acres Program offices at Additionally, documents related to this request are also posted under the Quick Links tab entitled “Glen Alpin Disposal/Diversion Application – Green Acres” at:

Written comments on the request may also be directed to Nik Bjorkedal at Harding Land Trust by: (1) email to; (2) FedEx and UPS delivery to 110 Harter Road, Morristown, NJ 07960; or (3) USPS delivery to P.O. Box 576, New Vernon, NJ 07976. Please also send a copy of any written comments submitted on this request to the NJDEP Green Acres Program, Bureau of Legal Services and Stewardship, 501 East State Street, 1st Floor, Mail Code 501-01, P.O. Box 420, Trenton, NJ 08625-0420, Attention: Adam Taylor or by email to Due to remote working arrangements during the current state of public health emergency, email comments are preferred.

Public comment on this request will be accepted during the hearing or by written submission until February 12, 2021. In the event of a snowstorm postponing the hearing, written public will be accepted until February 19, 2021. On or after February 13, 2021 or February 20, 2021 (in the event of a snowstorm postponement), Harding Land Trust may take formal action to approve the proposed transfer of parkland, subject to approval of the transfer documents by the Green Acres Program.

In addition to this request, the following matters shall also be addressed at this public hearing:

• The proposed disposal and diversion, under the Green Acres Program’s Rules, of a portion of the Glen Alpin Estate, 685 Mount Kemble Avenue, Harding Township (Block 34, Lot 1).

• The transfer by Harding Township of its interests in the Gatehouse property (Block 23, Lot 1 in Harding Township) to the Harding Land Trust.

• The conveyance of a public access and trail easement on the Glen Alpin Estate to the Morris County Park Commission.

• The transfer of a conservation easement granted by Harding Land Trust to the NJDEP from the Glen Alpin Estate to the Gatehouse property.