Pycnanthemum muticum, or Mountain Mint, has been selected by the Garden Club of America as the 2018 Plant of the Year. The Montine McDaniel Freeman Horticulture Award is given annually to acknowledge the cultivation and use of native plants: trees, shrubs, ground covers, vines, and perennials that are little known but are deemed worthy to be preserved, propagated, promoted, and planted.

In publicizing the award, the Garden Club of America has selected a photo of mountain mint taken at Harding Land Trust’s ‘von Zuben Pocket Meadow.’

HLT President Nik Bjorkedal said, “We are happy to see this important native plant, and our success with its cultivation, recognized by the GCA. The densely flowering perennial has a delightful fragrance and is very attractive to a variety of pollinators.”

The Garden Club of Morristown has been a vital partner in the success of our pocket meadow project, and we encourage our friends and neighbors to visit the meadow and volunteer to help us maintain its beauty and its value to area pollinators.

For more information please visit the Garden Club of America’s press release site.