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7th Annual Celebrate Harding Photo Contest (2022)

Grand Prize Photo
Willem Thomas

Willem Thomas is the grand prize winner of the 7th Annual Celebrate Harding photo contest, sponsored by Harding Land Trust and the Kemmerer Library.

Other winners in their respective categories were: 9th-12th grade winner Nicole Amaral, 5th-8th grade winner Maddie Johnston; and two winners in the Kindergarten-4th grade category, Hannah Rosen and Norah Carifa.

Over 25 entries were submitted, officials said. Judges for the annual event were Emi Ithen, Jane Kendall and Christopher Allyn, all Harding Township residents.

The contest was open to local residents in grades K-12 at any school. Only one entry was allowed per student. The photo had to be taken in Harding Township. The subject of the photo had to fit into one of the following categories: landscape, flora, fauna or wildlife. Photos of pets or domesticated animals were not allowed. Winners in each category were given a $50 Amazon gift certificate and the grand prize winner received a $100 Amazon gift certificate.

K-1st Grade Winner
Sadie Leff

2nd-4th Grade Winner
Lila Andreuccetti

5th-8th Grade Winner
Gemma Anastasiou

   9-12th Grade Winner
 Spencer Rosenbaum

On Willem Thomas’s photograph, the judges said; “This is an amazing photo that showcases wonderful technnique and thoughtful compostion. Great use of color as well as the rule of thirds! The trees each seem to have their own personality – the way they sway or stand straight; the direction they are leaning. The cloudy sky and lighting convey an almost eerie-feeling. This photograph seems to hint at a story of something to come – and makes us want to see what happens next. Excellent job!”

On Sadie Leff’s photograph, the judges said: “The house down the little hill is intriguing. Nicely composed. This photo feels like an iconic rural Harding image! Well done.”

On Lila Andreuccetti’s photograph, the judges said: “These owls make a wonderful subject! The composition and framing of this image is great. The blue sky juxtaposed against the branches, plus the branches jutting out from the center of the shot make for very interesting framing. This image appears to be very thoughtful in the way it was composed and the choice of subject matter. Nicely done!”

On Gemma Anastasiou’s photograph, the judges said: : “This is a truly striking shot. Beautifully composed, and wonderful use of a unique lighting scenario. The sun flare adds drama and contrast, enhancing the tiny details: the antennae of the butterfly, the tiny buds, the shape of the wings. The pop of color in both the blue sky and tiny purple flowers is great. Really nicely done!”

On Spencer Rosenbaum’s photograph, the judges said: “This photo feels iconic. Great use of perspective and color. The lighting is lovely and overall composition feels classic Harding!


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