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Annual Celebrate Harding Photo Contest

Grand Prize Photo
Peter Tonzola


January 19, 2021

From The Observer
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Peter Tonzola is the grand prize winner of the “Celebrate Harding” photo contest, sponsored by the Kemmerer Library, Harding Land Trust and Madison PhotoPlus.

Other winners in their respective categories were: 9th-12th grade winner Nicole Amaral, 5th-8th grade winner Maddie Johnston; and two winners in the Kindergarten-4th grade category, Hannah Rosen and Norah Carifa.

A record number of entries were submitted, officials said. Judges for the annual event were Emi Ithen, Jane Kendall and Christopher Allyn, all Harding Township residents.

The contest was open to local residents in grades K-12 at any school. Only one entry was allowed per student. The photo had to be taken in Harding Township. The subject of the photo had to fit into one of the following categories: landscape, flora, fauna or wildlife. Photos of pets or domesticated animals were not allowed. Winners in each category were given a $50 Amazon gift certificate and the grand prize winner received a $100 Amazon gift certificate.

5-8th Grade Winner
Maddie Johnston

K-4th Grade Winner
Norah Carifa

K-4th Grade Winner
Hannah Rosen

9-12th Grade Winner
 Nicole Amaral

Of Peter Tonzola’s photograph, judges said; “This is a wonderful photograph all around: striking composition, interesting subject, and great use of the vertical portrait framing. The insect seems to be staring right at the camera and the draws you in. The juxtaposition between the insect and the weathered chair is a great contrast, and the shape on the greenery behind it cleverly mimics the shape of its head. A great shot!

Of Nicole Amaral’s photograph, judges said: “A very dramatic photo filled with intrigue. The choice of subject is an interesting one, and the composition of the image was clearly well thought-out. The lighting technique is unique and makes it eye-popping. The perspective adds to an air of mystery and makes us want to know more.”

Of Maddie Johnston’s photograph, judges said: “This photograph is striking, mysterious, and ethereal. It feels like a moment in time. The composition and framing are very well done and the misty reflection of the tree line in the water is lovely. Great choice to include the raft in the image – it hints at an intriguing story and that there is more to the image than meets the eye.”

Of Hannah Rosen’s photograph, judges said: : ““This photograph is an overall strong image and a fantastic subject choice. The composition is very interesting, and there is an excellent use of contrasting textures and colors. There are a lot of interesting things to look at between the mosses and mushrooms, and the color has an interesting rainbow effect across the diagonal of the frame.”

Of Norah Carifa’s photograph, judges said: “This is a beautifully composed image that feels like a professional shot. The colors and exposure are excellent. The contrast between the flowers and the butterfly is spot on and the longer you look at the image, the more little details you notice. It is always a challenge to photograph living creatures and takes patience to get just the right shot, and this image is a perfect example that this patience pay off!”

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