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Harding Centennial Formal Hunt at Margett’s Field

November 13, 2022 @ 9:30 am - 11:30 am



In celebration of Harding’s Centennial, the Harding Land Trust is proud to sponsor a Formal Hunt on November 13th which is being organized by the Spring Valley Hounds.

Seth E. Thomas Jr., a grandson of Seth Thomas the renowned clockmaker, established Spring Valley Hounds in 1915.  Originally a harrier hunt, later a fox hunt, it is now a “drag” hunt. A “drag” hunt is fox hunting minus the fox.  The hounds will follow a trail created by dragging a scent along a predefined course the morning of the hunt.

Good viewing opportunities are Bayne Park and Margetts Field.  The start and finish of the competition will be at the show grounds on Sand Spring Lane.  You will see horse and riders crisscrossing though out Town.  Please be mindful that horse and riders have the right of way.  We appreciate that you leave your pets at home so that there will be no distraction to the hounds and horses.

Schedule of Events:

Dedication of the Harding land trust coop (jump) 10:00 am

Viewing                                                    Crossings 

Bayne Park 10:40                                    Blue Mill & James 10:20

Pinefield lane 10:50                                 Sand Spring 10:40

Crewe Hill Fields 11:15                           Sand Spring Rd Crewe Hill 11:05

Frelinghuysen Fields 11:25                    James St / Frelinghuysen fields 11:20

HLT Fields 11:25                                       Blue Mill Rd & James St 12:00 pm

Margetts Field 12:00

Formal Hunt Etiquette for Dummies 


Male senior members wear red jackets known as “pinks” and female senior members wear black or dark blue jackets with colors on the collars.


Fox hounds are counted as couples. We refer to them as hounds. If you have 13 hounds they would be referred to as 6 and a half couples. 

A Cry:

A cry is when the hounds chase the fox and start crying or howling as they run.


The huntsman’s horn is used to communicate to the hounds. 

The Harding Land Trust, a non-profit, volunteer organization, works to protect Harding’s large open spaces, the bridle trails, water as well as other ecological resources.

These events would not be possible without the aid of our Bridle Path Association and Spring Valley Hounds and the Harding Township Police Department.




November 13, 2022
9:30 am - 11:30 am