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Primrose Preserve

Primrose Preserve is a 3.79 acre parcel that was donated to Harding Land Trust in 2004. This property is an important component of the Primrose Brook Greenway, a corridor of preserved properties along the length of Primrose Brook. Primrose Preserve serves an important function as the gateway property for Primrose Brook as it passes beyond the development adjacent to Route 287. It is also an ecological wonder in its own right.

This property safeguards stream water quality by providing natural areas to filter pollutants from development runoff as the waters flow downstream towards the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge. It also serves as part of a natural corridor for animals to move through.

The property consists of forested wetlands along both sides of the stream corridor, including American beech, spicebush, red oak, hickory and flowering dogwood. Although it is a relatively small parcel, because of its proximity to other protected properties and low-density housing, a significant variety of wildlife has been observed within the preserve.

Grantor:Robert Friedman
Acquired:December 8, 2004
Size:3.79 acres
Location:Brook Drive North, Harding Township, NJ
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