Waterman Meadow

Waterman Meadow is a 19-acre meadow which was preserved in 2001 by the Waterman family. This scenic property protects significant natural, aesthetic and wildlife habitats. It is located adjacent to Loantaka Brook Reservation, and its preservation contributes to an iconic viewshed across open fields on an entry way into Harding Township.

The property is characterized by its beautiful wet meadow that contains a variety of native plants. There is a small pond and vernal pool which provide habitats for a variety of wildlife.

The property was once part of the Marcellus Hartley Dodge estate, and contained a community artesian spring-fed swimming pool. The original 1907 pump house for the pool has been restored, and remains on the property as an example of outbuilding architecture from this era.

Grantor:Elizabeth Waterman
Acquired:January 1, 2001
Size:19.5 acres
Location:Loantaka Lane North, Harding Township, NJ
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